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Keeping track of your money and planning for the future is critical to achieving your best possible financial health. If you know how much money you have, where you are putting it and the best way to save, you can better plan for the future. Use the personal finance calculators below to figure out your situation and what you can do with your money.


When you have credit card debt, all you want to know is how soon you will be able to pay it off. With the help of this credit card pay-off calculator, you can determine how long it will take you to pay off your debt based on balance, interest and payment amounts.

It’s hard to keep track of what we spend every day on normal living expenses, but without knowing, you can’t budget for extras. Use this calculator to determine what you are spending each month and year so you can better plan for the future.

We don’t always know when life events like job loss, health problems or other emergencies are coming, but it helps to always be financially prepared. This savings calculator can help you figure out how much you should be saving each month so you have an adequate emergency fund.

Staying on top of your budget can be challenging – especially if you don’t know where you stand financially. By using this calculator, you can estimate what you are currently worth and what you could be worth in the future based on different growth rates.

Your total assets are not necessarily the same as what you can actually use to pay expenses. Factor in all forms of income and expenses with this personal finance calculator and determine if your spending is less than your usable income each month.

You can get much more out of your 401(k) if you increase your contribution by even a small percentage. Determine how much more you could collect for retirement each month, depending on your contribution amount, with this retirement savings calculator.

Some people decide to take a loan out against their retirement fund to help pay off large or high-interest expenses. Utilize this calculator to determine how this type of loan may affect your situation so you can decide if early withdrawal is right for you.

Many people are faced with high student loan debt upon graduating from college and outstanding balances can have a big impact on credit. Find out how long it will take to pay off your student loans using your anticipated annual income with this pay-back calculator.

Lenders look at all of your income, debt and obligations when determining your mortgage — and finding your dream home means nothing if you can’t afford it. Before beginning your search for a new home, use this calculator to see what is feasible for you based on your income and possible loan parameters.

While renting and buying each come with different perks, one might be a better option than the other for your financial situation. Estimate the cost of both with this personal finance calculator so you can determine which the best choice is for you.

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