Credit Card Pay-Off Calculator

How Long Will It Take to Pay off Credit Card Debt?

Americans today owe more money than ever before. SinceĀ “interest never sleeps,” the situation will continue to worsen unless steps are taken to reduce or eliminate debt at the individual level. Additional monthly payments can make a difference to accelerate the pay-off and save yourself hundreds and thousands in interest payments. Use our calculator to figure out when you can pay off your credit card.

Looking for alternatives to high credit interest rates?

We can help. Our online credit counseling will:

  • Provide a free financial assessment
  • Determine your income, expenses and total debt
  • Create a manageable budget
  • Suggest solutions to help you reach your financial goals, which may include a Debt Management Plan

Clients on a Debt Management Plan typically pay off credit card debt in 5 years or less. Sounds good, right?

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