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Are you looking for financial information you can use? Take Charge America’s blog covers everything from tips for saving and budgeting to advice on debt management and money planning. Learn how to improve your financial future and protect yourself from issues such as fraud and scams with our helpful blog articles.

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5 Tips to Plan the Perfect Prom for Less

From over-the-top, social media-friendly ‘promposals,’ to limousine rentals and of course, the once-in-a-lifetime dress and everything that goes with it, there is a long list of costs associated w...

word cloud with student debt as the centerpiece

Don’t Believe These 7 Student Loan Myths

The student loan crisis is center stage once again, with a proposed bill that would offer tuition-free college for most Americans while reducing student loan interest rates. At the same time, the fate...

Mother and teen daughter reviewing savings progress on a cell phone

How to Raise Your Child to Be a Saver

We aren’t born knowing how to handle money and finances. While it seems some people are natural savers and others burn through money the moment they get it, it’s not necessarily nature that causes...

Woman using technology to keep track of finances

7 Tips for Financial Spring Cleaning

Spring’s arrival is the perfect time to tackle ambitious spring cleaning projects like purging closets and pantries. But spring cleaning should go beyond living spaces—your finances can likely use...

Woman frustrated by overwhelming tax preparation

5 Easy Tips for Smoother Tax Prep

If you haven’t done your taxes yet, you’re not alone. According to the Internal Revenue Service, they receive a majority of Americans’ returns the week taxes are due. But with this year’s due ...

cute, bald baby wearing round glasses and a bow tie

5 Smart Money Moves for New Parents

There’s so much to plan for when expecting a baby. Among them are preparing the birth plan, decorating the nursery and stocking up on supplies. But something many expectant parents overlook are the ...

Employer and prospective employee viewing an ipad during an interview

5 Things to Do Before You Start a Job Search

Looking for a new job is always an exciting, nerve-wracking process. Whether you are undertaking a job search by choice, or circumstances pushed you into it, there are several things you should do bef...

woman performing a DIY fix on a leaky faucet

Learn these DIY Skills to Save Big

How are you doing on that New Year’s resolution to save more money in 2017? If your savings balance isn’t growing as quickly as you’d like, it’s time to buckle down and get serious. Not sure w...

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