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Bustling city sidewalk in front of retail store on Black Friday

Black Friday Savings and Shopping Tips

Do you know why the Friday after Thanksgiving is called “Black Friday?” It’s dubbed that because many retailers record their highest profits of the year on that one day alone. In fact, some reta...

Group of friends toasting with glasses of red and white wine

Throw a Big Holiday Party on a Tiny Budget

The holidays are a wonderful time to gather friends and family for a celebration. Unfortunately, it’s easy to go overboard and bust your budget when throwing a holiday get-together. But with a littl...

Woman discussing whether to lease a vehicle

Does it Make Sense to Lease a Vehicle?

I am frequently asked if leasing is ever a good idea. The answer is no. Before you get all excited about tax credits and buying a depreciating asset and all that stuff, let me qualify my statement....

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