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Protection from phishing, data breaches and ID theft

Phishing and the Target Data Breach

Not only are more than 40-million Target customers dealing with news of the data breach that compromised their credit and debit card information, they also need to be on the lookout for fraudulent, "p...

Woman preparing vegetables to can and preserve

5 DIY Skills to Help You Save Money

Every time you pay someone to do something you could do yourself, you’re taking a few steps back from reaching your savings goals. Of course, there are many things best left to the professionals, bu...

5 Free Ways to Save on Heating Costs

Good news! The Energy Information Administration predicts that average household heating costs will be down by approximately $19 this winter – the first drop since 2001-2002. If you’d like to save...

Lucky numbers on a lottery ticket

Is Lottery Fever Actually Good for You?

When lottery jackpots get this high, you’ll hear many financial experts explaining how buying a lottery ticket is the worst financial move you can make. They prefer you invest that ticket purchase i...

Deposit Advances: What You Need to Know

Many states have started to more tightly regulate or, in some cases, completely ban the practice of granting payday loans. It didn’t take long for some banks to see this as an opportunity and begin ...

Know these 5 Supermarket Spending Traps

You did everything right. Planned a menu, made a list, organized your coupons, updated your shopping apps, and had a snack before you left for the store. Yet, you still ended up going over your grocer...

save and spend written on a blackboard with a checkmark next to save

Breaking Bad Budgeting Habits

Successful budgeting is a lot like successful dieting – both require self-control and discipline in the face of very tempting distractions. Who wants to diet when there are fresh brownies available?...

Hand holding a small gold gift box with a twist of red ribbon

Budget Holiday Gifts with a Twist

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the pressure to spend has gone with them. Retailers pull out all the stops this time of year to make us believe that everythin...

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