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Easy Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Summer is officially here. You’ve probably gotten yourself ready with a new swimsuit, sunglasses and stockpile of sunscreen, but what about your home? If you haven’t already, it’s not too late to prepare it for the warmer months to come. Here are several easy, money-saving tips to get your home ready for summer:

Service Your AC

Keeping your home cool and comfortable starts by keeping your air conditioning in tip-top shape. Paying for an inspection and routine maintenance now will save you from a breakdown and expensive repairs later. Help ensure it runs smoothly all summer by regularly clearing away leaves and other debris from the outdoor unit and changing all air filters in the house monthly (this is a good habit to have year ’round).

Repair and Prevent Water Damage

A wetter-than-normal winter and spring in many parts of the country means your home could have water damage you don’t know about. Start by checking the foundation for cracks and leaks; also check the gutters for damage or low spots that could allow water to pool. Check the downspouts, too. Be sure they’re pointing away from the home and keep them free debris throughout the summer to ensure they function correctly.                                                                                                           drying laundry outside is an easy way to get your home ready for summer

Set Up a Clothesline

Using the dryer during the summer causes a double hit to our utility bill, both for running the dryer itself and having to cool down the heat it generates in the house. Take advantage of abundant summer sunlight and hang clothes and linens outside to dry. You’ll save energy and your laundry will smell incredibly fresh and clean.

Fix or Replace Screens

Check window screens and screen doors for damage and repair or replace them if needed. This not only lets you enjoy cool morning and evening breezes, it helps keep out summer pests like mosquitoes. Be sure to check the screen frames, too and if they’re bent or warped, replace them to ensure a snug fit.

Find and Fix All Cracks and Leaks

Carefully check around all windows, doors, light switches and outlets for any small cracks or leaks and use caulk or foam to seal any you find. Doing so keeps your cool air from escaping and is another important step to help keep summer pests outside where they belong. It’s one of the easiest ways to get your home ready for summer.

Fire Up the Grill

Whether you use a charcoal or gas grill, ensure it’s in good working order and clean as a whistle before using it the first time. Grilling food outside during the summer isn’t just a tasty tradition, it can actually help save on cooling costs since you’re not heating up the kitchen by using the stovetop or oven every night.

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