“I would like to give a compliment to Jill. A few months ago, my husband and I came across some financial troubles and thought we were going to have to remove ourselves completely from the program. Thankfully, Jill was able to assist us in working out a plan that would allow us to continue making payments and stay on track.

We have paid off over $50k and only have about $10k left! (I SEE THE LIGHT!) I don’t think, actually, I KNOW we could not have done that without Jill. She always listens and tries to provide a solution to any problem I come across. I don’t think that we could have come as far as we have without her.”

Debra L, Florida

“I got myself in a terrible financial bind 5 years ago. The guilt I felt was self-destructive. I checked out debt counseling on the internet and called TCA.

What ensued was a lengthy conversation that ranged from recognizing the difference between needing and wanting, with realistic planning to accept their intervention with my creditors. The counselor asked me questions from how much money I have a month to how much it costs me to live a month and realistically included hair appointments, cell phone bill, etc.

I owed $25k. I am happy to say my last payment was deducted from my checking account last week. For those of you who worry about your credit rating: I bought a car yesterday, with a loan in my name. I would recommend Take Charge America to anyone whose debt has become unmanageable! It feels so good!”

Donna G, Florida

“I just wanted to say thanks so much to the Take Charge America team, especially Diane, for helping me get on the right track and pay off my debt. I can’t believe I am going to be debt free!”

Kristyanna T, Virginia

“When I went on the website and saw “Debt Free” – it made my day, my week, and my year! Thank you for being a great company that helped me out of the mess I was in. EVERYONE I’ve spoken with has been professional, supportive, patient and friendly. There is NOT a bad thing I could say. I did not want to declare bankruptcy – these were my charges. Your company gave me a way out of debt in a time frame that was workable. IT FEELS GREAT. I have recommended your company and will continue to recommend it to others. Again, “THANK YOU” – YOU HAVE A GREAT STAFF.”

Laura T, Florida

“THANK YOU for your help, Take Charge America! We will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs help managing their debt. We really appreciated your help and guidance these past few years. It was tough, but worth it. We have no more debt and plan to keep it that way!”

Kim N, Colorado

“Thank you very much for your help with everything and YAHOOOOOO for me! It’s been a long road (6 years struggling on my own and then 4 years with your AMAZING company), but finally, I am here. I actually cry tears of joy when I realize this day is finally within my reach. I never thought I would get out of this situation. A huge burden has been lifted, for both me and my family.”

Megan P, Illinois

“I want to reach out to your team and thank them for always treating me with dignity and respect. My finances were out of control when I found my way to TCA. But, from day one, I was never made to feel small, stupid, or ashamed. I was helped to not only pay off my financial obligations, but also to develop a completely new relationship with money. When I found TCA I was ashamed and embarrassed about my financial situation. With TCA, I learned a new way to relate to money, and it was due to the tools and resources that TCA provided me over five years of repaying my debt. You should be so proud of the work you do. I firmly believe you are changing people’s lives for the better.”

Beth D, Washington

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