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Down Payment Assistance Programs Help First-time Homebuyers

Many potential first-time homebuyers struggle for years to save enough for a down payment. What they don’t realize is that there are many down payment assistance programs available that can make it easier to get into a home sooner. Let’s take a look at down payment assistance programs. Who Can Receive Down Payment Assistance?   […]

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Do You Need Housing Counseling & Homebuyer Education?

Buying a home has long been considered a key part of the American dream. It is also the largest investment most people will ever make, so it’s important to make informed decisions throughout the process. That’s why we are pleased to offer Homebuyer Education courses that empower consumers with the information they need. Let’s take […]

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How to Evolve Your Budget as a First-time Homeowner

Transitioning from life as a renter to a first-time homeowner is a big, exciting step. Many things in your life will change, including how you save and spend money. When you rent your living space, your monthly housing expenses include your rent payment, as well as some or all of your utilities, and that’s about […]

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Closing Costs: What You Need to Know

If you’re buying your first home — or it’s been awhile since your last real estate transaction — you might need a refresher on what closings costs are and how they work. Saving for a down payment is often discussed when purchasing a home, while closing costs can get overlooked; but they are an equally […]

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Are You Ready to Buy a Home?

Owning a home remains one of the components of living the American Dream. But as the recent housing crisis illustrates, jumping into homeownership without being adequately prepared for everything it entails can be the start of a financial downfall. Owning a home is about much more than having a down payment and being able to […]

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Beyond the Mortgage — Additional Costs of Homeownership

In addition to a monthly mortgage payment, owning your own home involves a number of additional costs and expenses you need to plan for in your budget. Some of them will be recurring expenses, others you won’t see coming – but you’ll need to be prepared for them nonetheless. Recurring Expenses Utilities If you’re moving […]

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Turned Down for a Mortgage? Prepare to Apply Again.

More prospective homebuyers are eager to enter the market as the economy improves. Many borrowers find it difficult to navigate stricter lending requirements and successfully reapply for a loan after being turned down for a mortgage. If you’ve been turned down for a mortgage and want to know how to prepare to apply again, start […]

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The Thrifty Homebuyer: How to Budget for Your First Home

Buying a house is the single largest investment most of us will make. For many new homeowners, it’s a joyful experience, resulting from hard work, careful planning and prudent saving. For others, the financial impact of home ownership – and the extra costs they didn’t plan on – puts a damper on buying a home, […]

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Reverse Mortgage 101: Debunking Common Myths

With so many scams targeted at the elderly, many people wonder whether reverse mortgages are a legitimate option or simply another scheme. Simply said, a reverse mortgage or Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) enables homeowners 62 years and older to convert part of their home equity into tax-free cash. It may prove a good solution […]

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Precautions for Co-signers

Lenders require a co-signer when a consumer doesn’t qualify for a loan, either due to a lack of credit history or poor credit history. A co-signer is an individual who meets the loan requirements and agrees to cover the loan payments if the borrower requesting the loan is unable to make them. The decision to […]

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