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Should I Ask for a Credit Limit Increase?

All new credit cards come with a credit limit, which is the amount you can charge up to on that card. Depending on the type of credit card and your credit history, the credit limit may be anything from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars. After you’ve used the card for a while, […]

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What Happens with a Credit Card Delinquency?

When you’re running short on cash, it might not seem like a big deal to miss a credit card payment or two. You’ll make plans to catch up the following month, only to find that money is still tight. By the time the late payment hits the 30-day mark, the delinquency can start to affect […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Credit Limits

Using credit responsibly includes understanding credit limits and how they can affect your finances. Let’s take a look into some common questions surrounding credit limits and what they mean for consumers. What is a Credit Limit? When a consumer opens a new credit card, that card includes a credit limit, which is the amount of […]

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Point-of-Sale Loans — What You Need to Know

Remember layaway? It was a service many retailers offered that allowed customers to buy now and pay later without using credit cards. A customer would select their items, place them on layaway, make a small down payment, and then pay the balance in installments. Once paid-in-full, the customers took home their items. It was an […]

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What is a Charge-Off & How Does it Affect Credit?

Of the many things that can affect a consumer’s credit report and score, having one or more accounts showing as “charged off“ is among the most harmful. Consumers with charge offs on their credit report will have difficulty obtaining any new credit. And what credit they are able to acquire will come with exorbitant interest […]

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Why Do Creditors Close Credit Cards Without Notice?

Have you ever tried to use a credit card, only to discover it’s been closed without your knowledge? Or checked your credit report to find your score had dropped because the creditor closed your longest-standing account without letting you know? Having credit accounts closed when you haven’t initiated the closure can send your finances — […]

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The Do’s & Don’ts of Using Credit Cards During a Financial Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is having an ongoing effect on American’s lives in many ways. One of the most universal is its impact on people’s finances. Record numbers of laid-off or furloughed workers apply for unemployment benefits each week. Additionally, many Americans have or will soon receive economic impact payments, designed to help supplement reduced income […]

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Considering Credit Repair? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Credit repair is one of many financial services designed to help consumers improve their credit. The process involves hiring a company to dispute negative or incorrect entries on your credit report. It sounds simple, but it’s not always a straightforward process. Before choosing credit repair, there are some important details you should understand. Considering credit […]

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What are the Alternatives to Credit Card Cash Advances?

When money is tight, a credit card cash advance can seem like an easy solution. But it comes at a cost. In many cases, a cash advance comes with a higher interest rate than that for credit card purchases. And there’s no grace period; the interest begins to accrue right away. When you begin to […]

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The Pros and Cons of Credit Cards

When managed responsibly, credit cards are a useful financial tool. But problems can arise when consumers come to rely on credit cards to pay for everyday purchases, or to fund a lifestyle they can’t truly afford. To avoid unmanageable debt, some consumers choose to skip using credit cards at all, while others keep one card […]

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