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Man signing a rental agreement

How Much Rent Can You Afford?

Posted in: Blog, Housing

While choosing to rent where you live isn’t as significant a financial decision as buying a home, it’s certainly one that impacts your finances and quality of life. Renting is a great option if yo...

Fresh vegetables recently harvested from a home garden to save money on food

How to Save on Spring Gardening

Posted in: Blog, Housing

March is National Nutrition Month, which means it’s a perfect time to talk about saving money on healthy eating. One way to do that is by planting your own garden. The National Gardening Association...

Hand wearing a rubber glove holding a sponge for green cleaning

How to Save on Spring Cleaning

Posted in: Blog, Housing

No matter the weather where you are, there’s one sign of spring that’s the same everywhere — spring cleaning. It’s an age-old ritual that serves as a marker of a fresh start. But it can also b...

middle aged man and millennial daughter getting along

How to Deal with Boomerang Kids

Posted in: Blog, Housing

Mounting student loan and credit card debt, combined with a less than optimum job market for young adults, has created an increase in adult children returning home to live with their parents. Often re...

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