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Baby nursery decorated in a money-saving minimalist style

How to Set Up a Nursery on a Budget

Posted in: Blog, Housing

Welcoming a new baby into your home is one of the most exciting — and expensive — things you will ever do. You wouldn’t dream of skimping on your new baby’s needs, but the cost of furnishing a...

Woman working out at home to save money on gym fees

Set Up a Home Gym on a Budget

Posted in: Blog, Housing

If you’re among the millions of Americans who have resolved to get fit in the New Year, you might be thinking you need to join a gym to meet that goal. It’s a strategy that can work, but that mont...

Man signing a rental agreement

How Much Rent Can You Afford?

Posted in: Blog, Housing

While choosing to rent where you live isn’t as significant a financial decision as buying a home, it’s certainly one that impacts your finances and quality of life. Renting is a great option if yo...

Plumber working on pipes under the sink

5 Home Repairs You Can’t Ignore

Posted in: Blog, Housing

It might start out as a small water stain on the ceiling, a patch of missing insulation in the attic, or a small crack in the foundation. But these small signs can mean potentially big trouble in a ho...

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