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Are You Making These Online Shopping Mistakes?

From groceries to gifts to household essentials, many of us have shopped online more in the past year than we ever have before. It’s safer, easier and more convenient than going into stores. Unfortunately, it can also be more expensive. And there are several common online shopping mistakes that cause people to spend more than they need to. Let’s take a look at what they are and how to avoid them.

Paying for Shipping               woman avoiding online shopping mistakes

With intense competition for customers, most major retailers offer a relatively low free shipping threshold. If your order doesn’t meet the minimum, wait to place the order until you need a few more things. Or, if you need just one or two items right away, see if you can get them locally with no-contact, curbside pickup. Many national retailers, including Walgreens and Target, are offering that service during the pandemic.

Not Looking for a Promo Code

We hate to see a lonely, empty promo code box. Never click ‘place order’ until you’ve searched for a promo code. Whether you do a quick Google search or use a browser extension such as Rakuten, Honey or Retail Me Not, it only takes a moment to see if there’s a discount or freebie available.

Not Getting Cash Back

Those browser extensions you just read about aren’t just for discounts. They can also nab you cash back on your purchases. Simply make sure you click on the extension and shop through their link to get a percentage of cash back. Payouts are usually quarterly, and you’ll often have your choice of receiving your cash in the form of a check, balance transfer or gift card.

Buying Too Much of One Thing

Online shopping offers many opportunities to buy products in bulk. This can be a money -saving strategy when buying household staples like paper goods and cleaning supplies. But it also has the potential to be a money-waster if you buy too much of something you can’t use before it expires or get tired of it before it runs out. When presented with bulk-buying opportunities, be realistic about how much you really need and if you have the space to store it properly.

Relying Too Heavily on Reviews

Without being able to see and feel items in person before purchasing them online, many of us rely on customer reviews to help us make buying decisions. They can definitely be a helpful tool but be careful. Some sites use algorithms that push positive reviews to the top or filter out negative reviews altogether. Making buying decisions based solely on reviews is one of the most common online shopping mistakes.

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