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5 Ways to Save Money on Easter Celebrations

Whether the weather where you are feels like it or not, Easter is barely a week away. As with any holiday celebration, it’s easy to get carried away and overspend to plan the “perfect” day. But we have a better idea; follow these tips to help you save money on Easter Celebrations.

Skip the New Outfits

You want everyone to look great, but you don’t need to outfit the family in new clothing and accessories from head-to-toe to achieve it. Put outfits together with what’s already in the closet by mixing and matching. If you want to enjoy that little spark of something new without breaking the bank, focus on getting everyone one new spring accessory, such as a new tie, handbag, hat or even just cute, seasonal socks.

Stick to a Basket Budget  

It's easy to save money on Easter Celebrations

It’s easy to go overboard when putting together Easter baskets. Set yourself a budget and pledge to stick to it. You can find lots of fun basket stuffing ideas at the dollar store, and in the dollar section at Target (usually located right at the front of the store). Buy bulk bags of candy at Costco or big box retailers. And make the basket itself something you can repurpose for storage or home décor after the fact. With older kids, you can try skipping baskets altogether. Give them the option of taking a class or doing a special activity instead; or put that money toward a family vacation.

Keep the Meal Manageable

Whether you’re partial to a mid-day brunch or a traditional Easter dinner, don’t go overboard planning the menu. If you’re hosting friends and family, ask them to bring a specific dish so you can cover all your bases and not end up with duplicates.

Plan for leftovers by making sure you have plenty of clean containers to store them and make room in the fridge and freezer beforehand, so you don’t end up wasting food. If your family resists eating leftovers, send them home with others or take them into work with you; someone is sure to make good use of them.

Leave the Cute Critters on the Farm

While it’s tempting to surprise your kids with a real live velvety bunny or fluffy chicks on Easter morning, don’t do it. Unless you’re ready and willing to properly care for them as they grow — which includes housing, food and veterinary care — you’ll find yourself having to take them to a shelter or rescue organization. It’s money wasted, not to mention traumatic for your kids and the animals. Stick with the plush (or chocolate) versions of Easter friends instead.

Plan Ahead for Next Year

If you have money in the budget and space to store it, consider shopping the post-Easter clearance section for baskets and décor for next year. Stores generally mark down seasonal items to 50% off or more to make room for what’s next. Of course, you’ll find the best selection if you shop right way on the Monday after Easter.

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