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5 Ways to Save Money as a Bridesmaid

Being a bridesmaid is an honor that comes with responsibilities beyond supporting the bride in the months leading up to her big day. More often than not, it can end up costing members of the bridal party hundreds—or even thousands— of dollars if it’s a destination wedding. And if you’re asked to be in multiple weddings in a season, those costs multiply. Is there a way to say ‘I do’ to being a bridesmaid and still pay your rent? Of course! These tips will help you save money as a bridesmaid:        

Set a Budget and Stick to It 

When the bride has big plans, it can be hard to draw a line in the sand about how much you’re willing to spend. By setting a budget and making it known how much you can spend on the entire experience, you can help keep expectations in check. Have a simple, honest conversation. Let the bride know how honored, excited and happy you are to participate, but that you have a spending limit in place to help you stay on track financially.

Book Travel Early

If the wedding or any pre-wedding events involve, travel, book airfare and hotel rooms as early as possible to receive the best rates. Try to split as many of the costs as you can, such as hotel rooms and rental cars, with other members of the wedding party. You’ll save a lot and get to know your fellow bridesmaids even better.

Shop Around for Your Dress

Many brides now give their bridesmaids a lot more freedom when it comes to the dresses they wear. Often, they simply request everyone wear a certain color. That makes it easy to find a dress you can afford (or even wear one you already own). In situations where the bride mandates a specific dress style and color, you have options. See if you can buy the dress second-hand or as a floor or fitting room sample; you can also check to see if it’s available for rental instead of purchase.

Choose Neutral Shoes & Accessories

It’s not just the dress. You’ll also need shoes, a handbag, a wrap and jewelry to complete the look. Go for simple silhouettes in a neutral shade that will not only go with your bridesmaid’s dress, but with ‘off-duty’ looks as well. Again, if you can wear items you already have, you’ll save even more.

DIY Makeup, Hair and Nails

You want to look your best for the big day, but getting professionally pampered won’t keep you on budget. Doing your own makeup, hair and nails will save you at least $100 (and probably much more). Look at Pinterest boards and watch YouTube videos for inspiration and step-by-step tutorials to achieve a look you’ll love on the big day and won’t mind seeing in photos for years to come.

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