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5 Fun and Frugal Ways to Spend Labor Day

We all love having an extra day off. And there’s always a lot of pressure to make the most of it since it’s the unofficial ‘end of summer.’ But Labor Day falls at a time of year when there’s a good chance money is already tight from summer vacations and back-to-school expenses.

If you’d like to enjoy a fun weekend without spending too much or running up credit card debt, these frugal Labor Day ideas are for you:

Plan a Staycation

When was the last time you enjoyed all the cool stuff your hometown has to offer? If it’s been awhile, make it a point to go out and explore the area. Look at it with a tourist’s eyes and you’re sure to find things you never realized were there. Look for off-the-beaten path restaurants, historic neighborhoods and up-and-coming local businesses. When you’re not rushed by a schedule, you have plenty of time to leisurely explore.      A movie marathon is a fun and frugal way to spend Labor Day

Hold a Mega Movie Marathon

We don’t mean streaming your favorite show for a few hours while you also do chores and catch up on paying bills. We’re talking all-day, immersive, uninterrupted movie viewing that transports you to another place and time. Choose an epic film series like the Harry Potter films, the Star Wars saga, the Godfather trilogy, really, whatever movies you love but never take the time to watch. Stock up on your favorite snacks, lower the lights, leave your phone in another room and watch for hours without guilt.

 Go to the Ballpark

Celebrate this uniquely American holiday by enjoying America’s pastime. If there’s a minor league baseball team in your area, head to the ballpark for a game. Tickets are always really affordable and it’s a fun way to spend the day (or night) even if you’re not a huge sports fan.

No local team? Get a group of friends together to play softball, kickball or touch football in the park. It might turn out to be even more fun and won’t cost a thing.

Get Creative

Whether it’s an unfinished Pinterest project, a partially painted wall, or a patch of yard waiting to be planted, we all have unfinished projects we’ve been meaning to complete. Take some time this weekend to do them once and for all. With the extra day, you won’t feel pressured, and you’ll still have time to relax and recharge before the weekend is over.

Indulge in a DIY Spa Day

After spending all summer in the sun, wind, and salty or chlorinated water, there’s no doubt skin, hair and nails can use a dose of TLC. Invite some friends over for a DIY spa day. Do facial masks, deep condition your hair, give yourselves manicures and pedicures. But most of all, just enjoying spending time together catching up after a busy summer. Mute your phones, play relaxing music and have lots of sliced, fresh fruit and pitchers of cucumber water available to create a true spa feel.

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