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Monthly Archives: August 2020

setting goals is one of the habits of debt-free people

7 Common Habits of Debt-Free People

If you’ve ever looked at a debt-free friend or family member and wondered what their secret was, you might be surprised to know there isn’t one. In fact, most debt-free people share a common set o...

tips to prepare for a career change

Tips to Prepare Yourself for a Career Change

Whether pushed into it as a result of job loss or you’re simply ready to try something new, preparing for a career change is challenging and exciting. Let’s look at some tips to help make it a smo...

how to cut down to a bare bones budget

How to Cut Back to a Bare Bones Budget

The ongoing pandemic has pushed Americans to take a long look at their finances. Many are facing unemployment or reduced income, and those who remain fully employed are being more careful about how th...

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