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Monthly Archives: June 2020

busting myths about bankruptcy

Do You Believe These Myths About Bankruptcy?

During financially uncertain times, it’s understandable that consumers become curious about declaring bankruptcy. For certain consumers with high levels of unsecured debt, bankruptcy can ease the co...

woman reviewing her medical billing statements

How to Read Medical Billing Statements

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Americans are getting tested, visiting health care providers and being hospitalized more than ever before. That means more of us are receiving medical billing state...

young woman conducting a video interview

5 Tips for a Successful Video Interview

One of the many things that’s changed dramatically over the last several months is how Americans interview for jobs. Interviews conducted over video chat are the new norm, and this efficient trend i...

baking bread at home is a good quarantine money habit

Hang On to These Quarantine Money Habits

Our lives have changed in so many ways over the last several months, and we can expect more changes as we all adapt to a “new normal.” For many, there’s been a radical shift for the better in ho...

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