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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Yard sale signs to help turn clutter into cash

7 Things That are Better to Buy Used

There was a time when buying items secondhand was strictly the domain of struggling college students or quirky, starving artists. But the Great Recession was also the great equalizer, and many people ...

Wedding party with three bridesmaids holding bouquets

Uncovering the Hidden Costs of Weddings

No matter what size wedding you choose to have, there’s a good chance you’ll run over-budget to pull off your dream day. A 2013 survey conducted by puts the average cost of a wedding i...

lines of computer code with the word HACKED magnified

How to Handle the Home Depot Data Breach

If news of the Home Depot data breach has you worried about the security of your personal and banking information, you're not alone. The nation's largest home improvement retailer estimates the accoun...

Two men shaking hands after successful haggling

Learn How to Haggle and Save Big

Whether referred to as haggling, bargaining or negotiating, there was a time when a buyer and a seller working out what both agreed was a fair price was commonplace in American commerce. But over time...

Yellow lab puppy and gray tabby kitten touching noses

How to Save on Pet Care Costs

Our pets can be a source of great love, joy and companionship. They can also be a source of great expense. The National Pet Products Association estimates that Americans will spend more than $55 billi...

Stop sign with a modern building in the background

Say No to these Unnecessary Upgrades

We all love a shiny, new gadget and having the latest and greatest thing, but do we really need something new when our old ‘something’ is still working and doing what we need it to? (Hint: the ans...

Broken piggy bank waiting to be filled with money

Are You Financially Fragile?

Are you familiar with the phrase ‘financially fragile?’ It’s a phrase economists use to describe people who would not be able to pull together $2,000 in cash within 30 days. A study conducted by...

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