Western Federal Credit Union
Right Start Checking

Right Start Checking

We believe getting a right start to developing
good financial habits is important.

That is why Western offers this online education program to make sure our members receive the tools they need to make positive decisions which can lead to their financial success. Maintaining a Checking Account is one of these decisions and this program will give you the tools needed to do so.

Getting off to a Right Start is easy! Simply review the online course indicated by the button below and complete the 10-question assessment provided at the end. If you get a passing score of 90% or higher you are off to a Right Start!

Please print two(2) copies of your results. Bring one copy to your local Western branch or mail in with your online application for a Western team member to open your Right Start Checking Account, and the other you will keep for your own records. If you misplace or forget your printed results, you will have to retake the assessment in order to open a Right Start Checking Account.

Good luck and congratulations on taking the first step to improving your financial health.

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