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Student Loan Borrowers: Do You Have an FSA ID?

You may have noticed federal student aid websites now ask you to provide an FSA ID in order to apply for student aid, access information about existing student loans, complete entrance and exit counseling, apply for a loan consolidation or enroll in an income-driven repayment plan. This is a change from the longstanding four-digit, FAFSA PIN login. So what does it all mean?

Why do I need an FSA ID?

The FSA ID is a unique username and password that will identify you and allow you to log into several federal student aid websites, including:

Students will now use the FSA ID in all stages of the financial aid process, from when they first apply for financial loans to when they begin repaying their debt. The four-digit PIN, which had been used for decades, no longer works.

How do I get an FSA ID?

To create an FSA ID, visit You will be prompted to create a username and password. The site will also request personal identifying information including your name, Social Security number and date of birth. As an added security measure, you will create multiple challenge questions associated with your FSA ID.

For immediate access to federal student aid websites, you will simply link your four-digit federal student aid PIN to your FSA ID. If you have forgotten your PIN, the Social Security Administration will need to verify your identity in order to create your FSA ID, a process that usually takes one-to-three days. After this waiting period, you will have full access to the federal websites.

Is my FSA ID confidential?

It’s important to keep your FSA ID confidential, even if you are working with a company that is helping you with your student loans. Your FSA ID can be used to log into federal websites and access sensitive information including a detailed history of your personal student loans. It can also be used to electronically sign documents, so it’s important not to share your FSA ID. Companies should never ask you to compromise the security of your FSA ID, even if they are trying to help.

How do I get help with my FSA ID?

If you need assistance creating an FSA ID, you can contact a student loan counselor at Take Charge America to help you navigate the online process. To get started, call (877) 784-2008.

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