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    You can overcome your financial challenges, and we can help.Since 1987, we have been trusted by 1.6 million people just like you to help manage their finances and pay off $5 billion in personal debts.

    Education Financial Education

    Financial education is a major component of all our services. Not only do we offer expert financial guidance, we provide you with educational tools and resources to help you achieve financial independence now and in the future. Visit our financial education academy to view our resources.

    credit counselingCredit Counseling

    Are you living paycheck-to-paycheck? Do you struggle to manage daily living expenses? Financial troubles can impact all aspects of your life. Credit counseling is a free service that can help youget back on track and regain control of your finances.

    Our certified credit counselors will help you review your finances,develop a personalized budget and provide you with educational tools and resources to meet your financial goals.

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    debt management counselingDebt Management

    Are you overwhelmed by debt? Do you constantly wonder how you're going to pay your bills? Debt management may bring you the relief and support you need.

    Debt management is designed for people who can't repay their personal debts under normal conditions. We offer several debt management solutions that provide you with the support and education to achieve financial independence.

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    housing counselingHousing Counseling

    Are you struggling to meet your mortgage payments? Does home ownership leave you with more questions than answers? For many,homeownership represents the American Dream. Yet this dream often comes with challenges.

    Our HUD-approved housing counselors can guide you through the phases of home ownership and provide you with educational resources.We can assist you when facing foreclosure, when purchasing a new home or when evaluating a reverse mortgage. 

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    bankruptcy counseling Bankruptcy Counseling

    Are you considering bankruptcy? Do you know all of your options? Prior to filing for bankruptcy, you must obtain a certificate from an authorized credit counseling agency. This certificate proves you successfully completed a course on the implications of bankruptcy.

    We can guide you through the process, provide educational resources and help you explore all of your options.

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    Student Loan Counseling

    Are you struggling to repay student loans? Are you concerned about the impact student loans may have on your overall financial outlook? Our specially trained student loan counselors can help you identify the right solution for paying off your student loans and guide you through numerous repayment options, step-by-step.

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