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Family Life Credit Services is no longer providing credit counseling or debt management plans.

They have chosen Take Charge America to continue their work of helping people take control of their debt and live debt-free lives.

Since 1987, Take Charge America has helped more than 1.6 million people manage their finances and pay off more than $6 billion dollars in personal debt. To learn more about Take Charge America click here.

We can help you, too! Please select one of the options below.

Current Clients

If you are currently on a debt management plan with Family Life Credit Services, call 1-866-528-0588 or click the button below to log into your account.

Prospective Clients

If you would like to receive free, no-obligation credit counseling from a certified credit counselor at Take Charge America, call 1-866-528-0588 or click the button below to get started.

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