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Are you overwhelmed by debt? Do you constantly wonder how you're going to pay your bills? You are not alone. Every year, we help thousands of people nationwide manage and pay off their personal debts with debt management solutions.Debt Management Process

As a debt management client, you will receive the financial education, personalized budget and action plan developed during a credit counseling session. You will also gain added support in managing debt and achieving financial independence. Our certified credit counselors will help you review the following options and determine which one is best for your financial situation.

Debt Management Plans

A debt management plan is designed for people who need extra help paying off personal debts. The most common benefit of a debt management plan is the consolidation of multiple monthly payments into a single monthly payment, which may result in a lower monthly total.  

Additionally, creditors will typically stop collection calls, reduce interest rates and finance charges, waive late and over-limit fees and bring accounts current.

At Take Charge America, you will also gain access to educational tools and resources to help you develop effective spending habits, budget to meet living expenses and save for the future. 

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Creditor Guidance

We find many people are in a position to negotiate lower interest rates and fees with their creditors, yet they don't know how to get started. During your credit counseling session, we can provide you with advice and guidance on how to work directly with your creditors to develop a repayment or hardship plan. Often, creditors are willing to temporarily reduce your monthly payments and fees if you're experiencing short-term setbacks or your financial situation changes.


During your initial credit counseling session, we will help you explore your options and determine if bankruptcy would be an appropriate next step. If you do take this route, we are approved to provide pre-filing bankruptcy counseling and certification, a required step in the bankruptcy process. For more information, visit our bankruptcy section.

Financial relief is within reach! Call 1-866-528-0588 or click here to get started with your initial credit counseling session and learn how debt management may help you reach your financial goals.  For more information on credit counseling, please visit our Debt Management FAQ's.

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