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Tips for Teaching Kids About Money

Posted in: Money Management

Financial savvy starts at a young age. The sooner your children master effective spending and saving habits, the better off they will be later in life. Here are six tips you can use to teach your kids about managing finances: Teach by Example – First and foremost, children learn by example. If you spend money carelessly...

Insurance Resources

Posted in: Money Management

Insurance Resources General: LIFE Foundation Insurance Information Institute Insure U Consumer Reports United Policyholders Insurance Matters-Commun...

Financial Resolutions for the New Year

Posted in: Money Management

The New Year puts us in the mindset to reorganize, plan and set goals – an ideal time to get your finances in order. No matter your income level, we’ve provided three financial resolutions that will benefit you all year long: Create a Monthly Budget – A budget is a document that measures all of the money that comes ...

Dealing wtih Job Uncertainty

Posted in: Money Management

There is an old relationship between borrowing and jobs that most economists would probably swear by. When the prospect of unemployment rears its alarming head, individuals and families typically will borrow less or perhaps not at all. Certainly this relationship seems to make common sense. If you and I are more uncertain abo...

How to Save on Holiday Gifts

Posted in: Money Management

Gift giving is among the most popular holiday activities. We get that warm fuzzy feeling when we see a loved one unwrap a gift that we spent time, money and care selecting. However, it’s easy to get...

Financing a College Education

The challenge of getting ready for college today has become a growing problem for many students and their families due to: 1. Growing enrollments and greater numbers of student applicants pressing against limited college facilities, faculty, and other resources. 2. Rising costs of attending college, including increasing tu...