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Financial Resolutions for the New Year

Posted in: Money Management

The New Year puts us in the mindset to reorganize, plan and set goals – an ideal time to get your finances in order. No matter your income level, we’ve provided three financial resolutions that will benefit you all year long: Create a Monthly Budget – A budget is a document that measures all of the money that comes ...

Internet Banking: Is it a Good Deal?

Posted in: Money Management

Banks and other depository institutions by the busload are going online with their services. Not long ago the federal banking agencies estimated that more than 3500 depository institutions have active web sites. Most of these sites are informational only. They tell you what services the bank offers, where its facilities are l...

Do You Need Renters Insurance?

For many folks renting housing, renters insurance is simply not on the radar. They assume their landlord will manage any issue with their apartment or rental. It's common to think if the air conditioning goes out, my landlord will fix it. If there's a fire in the building, the landlord will reimburse the cost of my brand new TV ...

How to Save Money on a Wedding

Posted in: Money Management

Numerous reports show the average cost of a wedding for U.S. couples nears $30,000. That’s an incredible amount of cash for just one day. While it’s important to celebrate the union, it’s also important to weigh the financial impact on your future. If the cost of your wedding affects your ability to pay bills, manage li...

What You Need to Know about Deposit Insurance in the U.S.

Posted in: Money Management

Exactly Who Insures What for Whom? Types of insurance plans in use today: 1. The U.S. Government accumulates a fund by making assessments against insured banks’ annual deposits. When a bank occasionally fails, and unless a healthy bank buys the failed bank and guarantees its deposits, the insured fund is drawn upon to pay ...

Small Life Changes that Make a Big Difference

Posted in: Money Management

You may be sitting on hundreds of extra dollars each month – without even knowing it. In today’s economy, that extra cash cushion could mean the difference between financial security and financial distress. Many people think the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle is their only option, yet it is possible to save more money on ...