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Money Management

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Organizing Your Finances in Eight Easy Steps

Posted in: Money Management, Q&A

If you’re like most people, the prospect of organizing your finances is daunting – to say the least. When faced with stacks of account statements, credit card due dates and household bills, it may seem easier to shove it all in a file and close the cabinet drawer. But ignoring your finances and wishing the bills away is neve...

How to Create a Workable Budget

Posted in: Money Management

One of the most effective tools for managing your personal finances is also the most overlooked. It’s the personal budget, which simply measures the amount of money coming in and the amount going out. At Take Charge America, we have found that individuals who maintain regular budgets are more likely to recognize and reverse...

Financial Moves Before Marriage

Posted in: Money Management

Is marriage in your near future? Before you say "I do," you need to make sure you're financially prepared for this major milestone. We have outlined six financial steps you and your partner need to take before walking down the aisle. Open the Doors of Communication – Have you already had the big "money talk"? Financial dis...

Too Much House? Tips to Simplify and Save Cash

Homeownership is considered a cornerstone of the much-desired American dream. However, we each embark on a path toward fulfilling this dream at different rates, surrounded by different circumstances. If we get caught up in chasing a dream that’s not within our current means, then we run the risk of serious financial hardships ...

How to Save on Your Summer Vacation

Posted in: Money Management

Are you gearing up for a summer vacation? Whether your goal is to beat the heat or dive right in, your summer getaway doesn’t have to burn up your budget. With some careful planning and research, you can have a memorable vacation, and still have cash left over. Here are seven tips to help you make it happen: Do Your Resear...

Getting Your Vehicle in Gear

Posted in: Money Management

Automobiles are intertwined with American culture. For teens, they’re a symbol of freedom and maturity. As we grow, they often become our primary modes of transportation for work, school, practice and pleasure. For most families, transportation represents their second largest expense category, behind housing. That’s why i...