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Counselor, New Accounts

Job Description

Do you enjoy helping others? Can you connect with people quickly? Do you have great communication skills? Take Charge America has the position for you!

Job Summary

A Take Charge America Financial Counselor conducts initial financial assessment and reviews possible solutions with clients. The Counselor gathers all necessary information, provides education on budgeting, and offers financial counseling. The Counselor recommends debt solutions and options for the client’s financial difficulties and helps the client establish achievable goals for the future.

Essential Functions Credit Counseling

  1. Provides an in-depth budget analysis, credit counseling and initial debt management guidance to clients
  2. Provides recommendations and options based on findings in the budget analysis and offers educational information, resources and guidance in the areas of budgeting, credit management and debt management
  3. Reviews pending and past-due accounts for follow-up
  4. Assists clients with general questions about their situation through inbound calls, online Chats or face-to-face interactions
  5. Initiates outbound courtesy follow-up calls to clients to offer or obtain needed information and check status of client needs
  6. Maintains client records by updating account information in various TCA systems
  7. Responsible for knowing and complying with applicable Quality Management System (QMS) and process requirements as they apply to the Counselor’s area of responsibility
  8. Completes COA PQI case record reviews, provides input on determining PQI data, receives and reviews PQI data and provides feedback, and participates in the Employee Satisfaction, Benefits and Services Survey.
  9. Other duties as assigned

Job Requirements

  1. Must obtain NFCC certification, within 1 year of employment
  2. Able to establish a rapport with clients and demonstrate patience
  3. Able to collect client information, analyze client needs and problem-solve
  4. Able to handle stress and/or pressure while interacting with coworkers and clients
  5. Work effectively in a team environment
  6. Excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills
  7. Proficiency with MS Outlook and Word strongly preferred
  8. Comprehension of company policies and procedures
  9. Conduct that supports the company’s ethics, core values, and compliance programs

Education and Experience

  1. High School Diploma or GED required
  2. Have at least 12 months of service in a Contact Center preferred

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