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About Take Charge America

Take Charge America's
Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Take Charge America provides financial education and services to improve the lives of individuals and families.


Vision Statement

Take Charge America will be an essential lifelong resource for those seeking education, guidance, options and solutions for improving their financial health.


TCA Code of Ethics

Public trust in our performance is the foundation of our legitimacy. Our stakeholders entrust to us their confidence of fair, accurate and ethical performance in the best interest of all concerned. We will always take all reasonable actions to establish and maintain this trust.

Adherence to the law is the minimum standard of expected behavior. We commit to legal compliance and to integrity in all employee related transactions, accounting practices and client services. We embrace the spirit of the law, often going beyond legal requirements and making sure that what we do is matched by what the public understands about what we do.

The core values that govern our conduct and are the foundation of our Code of Ethics include:

  • Commitment to quality service and education;
  • Accuracy, timeliness and follow through;
  • Accountability to the public;
  • Commitment beyond the law;
  • Respect for the worth and dignity of individuals;
  • Respect for pluralism and diversity;
  • Transparency, integrity and honesty;
  • Responsible stewardship of resources; and
  • Commitment to excellence, always.

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